If you do not like the look of your smile, our dentist can help! Cosmetic dentistry in Boise, Idaho, can help correct small imperfections and improve your self-esteem. Dr. Evan Smith is experienced in creating beautiful smiles and giving our patients the confidence to show off their teeth! Explore the options we have below, then contact us at 208-343-4986 to learn more!

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many different treatment options that all focus on increasing the aesthetic appeal of your smile. This can range from simple teeth whitening procedures to replacing teeth for a full smile. Many cosmetic treatments cross over with other aspects of dentistry, because a healthy smile is also a beautiful smile. We are committed to both the look and function of your smile.

When you meet with Dr. Smith, he will evaluate your smile and discuss your smile goals with you. Some of the things cosmetic treatments can help with are:

  • Cracked, chipped or gapped teeth
  • Faded or discolored teeth
  • Worn or misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Slightly misaligned teeth

If you would like to achieve the smile of your dreams, contact Boise Dental Center today! Our team is experienced, enthusiastic and ready to help you with your smile goals. We look forward to serving you!

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