If you have a tooth that is chipped, cracked, misshapen, or discolored, a dental crown from Boise Dental Center - Michael Smith, DMD & Evan Smith, DMD may be the best solution to restore the beauty and function to your smile. A cosmetic flaw can be a point of embarrassment when you talk or smile, and we strive to eliminate any self-consciousness you may have about your smile. Crowns are caps that fit over your entire visible tooth to restore the tooth to desired shape, size, strength, and color.

Crowns are also used to complete dental implants by permanently attaching to the titanium implant in your jaw. Because Dr. Smith custom designs crowns according to your desired specifications, they look beautiful and natural in your smile. People will not be able to tell the difference between your crown and a natural tooth, so you will feel confident when smiling, eating, and speaking.

Crowns may also be used in order to strengthen and restore a tooth after a root canal treatment. Because the tooth is weakened, a crown is necessary to strengthen the tooth and protect it from further damage.

To learn more about the benefits and uses of dental crowns in Boise Idaho, we encourage you to contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.