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What have you heard about a dental crown? You might have heard that dental crowns are usually used to treat a tooth that has been damaged fairly extensively. You may also want to know that crowns are very durable and designed to look and feel like your existing teeth. Still, have you heard why you could need to have a temporary crown placed?

There are many different benefits to a temporary crown. Since permanent crowns can take up to two weeks to make, a temporary crown is placed to protect our patients from discomfort and pain. Temporary crowns could also stop debris and bacteria from entering the injured tooth. A temporary crown also saves space for your permanent crown. Your mouth could also start to adjust to having a dental crown while you have your temporary crown.

Naturally, you’ll need to take care of your temporary crown. We suggest brushing and flossing your dental crown like you would any of your other tooth, but you’ll need to be gentle while your gums are healing. There are also different foods you should avoid while you have your temporary crown. Candy, popcorn, peanut butter, and nuts could all damage your teeth because sticky foods could also pull your crown loose and hard foods could damage it.

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