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Given the amount of dental procedures that are readily available in modern dentistry, the chances to fix your smile have drastically increased. Many conditions, regardless of how much damage they have inflicted, can potentially be removed and your smile’s best side restored. Listed below are a few highly effective procedures we offer to restore your smile:

Dental Fillings:
– If your tooth enamel has been breached, a cavity can arise. Fortunately, cavities can be removed with dental fillings, which fill the void and prevent future damage in the area from occurring.

Tooth Whitening Kit:
– A fast and efficient way to improve the color of your teeth can be achieved with professional in-office whitening kits. With a single tooth whitening treatment from your dentist, the color shade of your teeth can be enhanced by nearly ten full shades in a single visit.

Dental Crowns:
– Dental crowns are a cosmetic dentistry service that can restore the look of a tooth and its function. In some instances, it may be possible for a dental crown to save bits of teeth that have been broken which otherwise would have to be extracted. Crowns work by attaching to the top of damaged or broken teeth for a firm hold on all sides of the tooth, down to the gums.

Dental Veneers:
– With dental veneers, blemishes and discolorations on your front teeth can be covered up, and the natural look of the teeth can be drastically upgraded as well. Veneers work by connecting to the fronts of teeth for a durable hold that is sure to please.

No matter which teeth restoration therapy treatment you choose, the real importance is the oral health benefits it can provide. If you would like Dr. Michael Smith & Evan Smith and our team at Boise Dental Center - Michael Smith, DMD & Evan Smith, DMD to bring you in for an oral exam to determine which treatment is best for you, please contact our dentist office in Boise, Idaho, by calling us at 208-343-4986. We can get you on the path to smiles for miles!