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If you have yellow teeth, you’re probably annoyed or disappointed with the unattractiveness of your smile. You’re probably even considering your teeth whitening options! Unfortunately, if you don’t determine the underlying cause and stop it, whitening treatments won’t help you the way you hope they do. So, to help you determine the underlying cause, our dentist, Dr. Michael Smith & Evan Smith, is happy to tell you all about the culprits behind yellow teeth.

The first culprit is your diet. If you consume foods and drinks that can stain the tooth enamel, then you have a high chance of having yellow teeth. Some tooth-staining products include red wine, soda, tomato sauce, and dark berries. If the product can stain fabric, it can stain teeth. It’s best to avoid these products or drink the tooth-staining beverages through a straw.

The second culprit is smoking. Smoking is one of the top culprits of tooth discoloration, especially because the tobacco and chemicals attack the enamel and overcome the whiteness. If you want white teeth, you need to quit smoking, have a top-notch oral hygiene routine, use whitening products, and even receive a professional whitening treatment.

The third culprit is illness. This is because certain medical conditions and medications can stain the tooth enamel, especially chemotherapy, asthma medications, and high blood pressure medications. It’s best to talk to your dentist and doctor about the best ways to prevent tooth discoloration.

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