Completely Restoring an Extracted Tooth with a Dental Implant

It’s unfortunate when a tooth suffers from such severe decay or damage that it must be extracted to prevent further complications. Once your gums have healed might recommend having the extracted tooth completely restored by a dental implant. In some cases, when a tooth is extracted it takes with it some of the surrounding bone… Read more »

Do you Have an Abscessed Tooth?

Just like any other part other of our body, we can injure the inside of our mouth. If this happens, bacteria can potentially enter and cause an infection—which can lead to a painful swelling filled with pus. If the pus can’t escape the area will become even more swollen and painful. This is known as… Read more »

Brighten Your Smile for Summer

Now that summer is around the corner, don’t you think your smile should be as bright as all the sunshine outside? If your teeth aren’t quite where you want them to be right now, don’t worry! Getting a professional teeth whitening can painlessly reverse years of staining. Teeth can become discolored or stained for a… Read more »

What to do About a Painfully Cracked Tooth

The enamel layer of each of your teeth is made up of a dense microscopic mineral crystal structure that is extremely hard. As hard as tooth enamel is there are still times when a hard fall, blow to the face or other accident can actually crack the enamel layer on one of your teeth. While… Read more »

Benefits of BOTOX

When you think of your neighborhood dentist, you might think of fillings and dentures before you think of something like BOTOX® treatment. But at , we are concerned about your whole smile, and that includes your skin. Youthful-looking skin can brighten an already-strong smile and provide a nice confidence-boost. BOTOX is a safe and popular… Read more »

Dealing with a Cracked or Damaged Crown

When your crown was cemented in place it was intended to last for many years to come. While it is rather rare, it’s still not unheard of for something like a blow to the face, or a hard fall to crack or damage a crown. If one of your crowns is damaged, you need to… Read more »

Is Periodontitis Making You Sick?

Did you know that individuals with serious gum disease are 40% more likely to have a chronic condition as well?  Your gums can actually cause your body to become sick. That was the finding of the American Dental Association. Apparently, when bacteria in the mouth build up it can bring on infection, where the immune… Read more »

Daily Flossing Is Your Best Kept Secret

To avoid the ravages of gum disease and dental caries, you will need to practice diligence every single day. Brushing and flossing is the secret to a healthy smile. Every time you eat food or take a drink of anything other than water, there is oral debris left behind. Bits of food, sugar or bacteria accumulate… Read more »

Dealing with an Injured Lip

An injury or emergency can happen in your mouth, just like any other part of your body. It’s not unheard of for a blow to the face or fall to injure your lip or cause you to bite down hard on it. This can cause pain and bleeding. If the injury is severe you should… Read more »

Helping Seniors Maintain Proper Oral Health

If you are a senior who wants to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime, we are here to help you! There are four things you can do to maintain a strong and healthy smile, and those things are: · Keep up on oral hygiene: For the best results possible, you need to brush your… Read more »