Oral Health Outliers: Dentures

If you are in need of a modern tooth prosthetic to improve the look and function of your smile, there are several options available. However, if you seek comfort and convenience, removable tooth replacements such as dentures maybe be just what you need. Through the use of dentures, you can once again restore your mouth… Read more »

Never Give Up on Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

It’s a well-known fact that enamel erosion and cavity prevention go hand-in-hand. Oftentimes, damage to your tooth enamel caused by harmful acids will produce enamel erosion. If the damage continues to occur until there is a hole in your tooth enamel, a cavity will arise. Thus, in order to effectively treat cavities, it is often… Read more »

Choosing the Toothbrush of Your Dreams

The time has come to part ways with your beloved toothbrush. We recommend that you replace your toothbrush about every three to four months. Our dentist and team are here if you need advice on picking the toothbrush that best suits your needs. Toothbrush Head Your toothbrush’s head should be small so that it easily… Read more »

A Tooth That Has Lost a Dental Filling Needs to Be Treated

A dentist like Dr. often uses a dental filling to treat a minor case of tooth decay or to address a minor aberration in a tooth’s enamel layer. This might include repairing a chipped tooth or addressing a minor case of dental attrition. It’s important to note that general inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene… Read more »

Act Quickly If You Have Lost a Dental Filling

When dental fillings are bonded or cemented to the treated tooth enamel, this is done to hold them in place on the tooth for several years. However, if you are inconsistent in your daily brushing and flossing or delay your routine dental checkups, your resulting poor oral hygiene could affect the bond of the dental… Read more »

Do You Know These Three Facts About Teeth Whitening?

Since most people value the first impressions they make in important social interactions, they also value the power of a great smile. A gleaming smile instantly enhances your features and helps you have greater confidence. People who don’t have naturally white smiles can often achieve them with teeth whitening, which is one of the fastest… Read more »

Improve Your Smile with Tooth Hazard Treatments

  Numerous tooth hazards exist that could destroy your smile in seconds. Thus, it is important to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep her smile safe from the risks that can easily damage your teeth and gums. Always be sure you’re protecting your teeth by following effective lifestyle habits and avoiding anything… Read more »

A Water Flosser May Be the Key to a Better Floss

Many patients struggle with dental floss; in which case, we recommend trying a water flosser. Water flossers make flossing simple and more enjoyable, and our dentists, Dr. Evan Smith and Dr. Michael Smith, can provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on these appliances. Why You Should Use a Water Flosser A water flosser is an effective… Read more »

The Things Oral Hygiene Can Do for Your Oral Health

Oral hygiene is very important for a top-notch smile and oral health. This is why your dentist, Dr. , strongly recommends keeping up with oral hygiene regularly. This means you need to brush twice a day and floss and rinse daily. Doing these things can help you in a myriad of ways. To help you… Read more »

Rescuing Your Smile with A Dental Crown

Although a tooth may be severely damaged, your dentist may be able to save it with a dental crown. A dental crown can be used to protect or cover a tooth that has had a root canal or has been cracked.  If your tooth has a large filling, but not enough tooth material to support… Read more »