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When dental fillings are bonded or cemented to the treated tooth enamel, this is done to hold them in place on the tooth for several years. However, if you are inconsistent in your daily brushing and flossing or delay your routine dental checkups, your resulting poor oral hygiene could affect the bond of the dental filling. If you have a lost dental filling or it has come loose, we urge you to seek dental treatment quickly to prevent further dental issues.

Over time, your dental filling’s bond to the tooth enamel could be weakened by the natural bacteria in your mouth, resulting in heightened tooth sensitivity, enabling new tooth decay to form, and even causing the loss of the dental filling. If this happens, we encourage you to not delay receiving dental treatment from Boise Dental Center - Michael Smith, DMD & Evan Smith, DMD because the longer you postpone treatment, the more likely your chances of developing a significant dental fracture and additional dental complications.

If your original dental filling was large or your tooth’s biting surface has been affected, our dentist may recommend that you choose to have the tooth restored with a dental crown. We are proud to offer dental crowns that provide a nearly perfect replica of your original tooth. We can produce dental crowns from high-quality gold, dental porcelain, or a metallic alloy.

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