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Sour food, soda, a lot of fruit are staples of a modern adult diet. While the fruit is good for you – and sour food that’s naturally sour such as lemons, grapefruit, or limes – there’s just one problem with consuming acidic foods. They’re incredibly harmful to your tooth enamel.

What is enamel?

Your teeth are coated in a hard outer layer that protects the dentin and pulp (the sensitive layers of your teeth) from decay and infection. This outer layer is called your enamel, and it’s actually the hardest substance in the human body. It has to be, in order to protect your teeth.

What does acid do to it?

Highly acidic foods, and nearly every soda on the market, attack your enamel. The acid erodes the enamel a bit at a time, and while enamel can replenish itself you don’t want to be constantly attacking it. A diet consistent in highly acidic foods is akin to attacking your teeth on a daily basis.

How can I help my enamel?

The best way to help your enamel is to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of acidic food and drink you consume, while also using fluoride supplements or toothpaste to help your enamel restore more quickly.

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