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A dentist like Dr. Michael Smith & Evan Smith often uses a dental filling to treat a minor case of tooth decay or to address a minor aberration in a tooth’s enamel layer. This might include repairing a chipped tooth or addressing a minor case of dental attrition.

It’s important to note that general inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene practices can result in a persistent build up of plaque acids in your mouth. In time the persistent acidic environment could gradually start to demineralize the tooth enamel surrounding one of your dental fillings.

If one of your dental fillings is causing you distress or it simply falls out, it is best to have the tooth examined by a dentist like Dr. Michael Smith & Evan Smith as soon as possible. The size and location of the distressed dental filling will determine the treatment plan that they recommends.

If the compromised area of tooth enamel is minimal they might be able to treat the tooth by removing a little of the surrounding tooth enamel before installing a new dental filling. This will ensure a clean and healthy surface to bond a new dental filling in place.

In a case where the compromised area is large, they might need to perform a dental crown restoration. This mode of treatment will replace the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternate dental material.

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